Earthly Parents vs Our Heavenly Father

Good parents love their children, unconditionally. They would do almost anything for them. They give their children want they can afford to give. They provide for not only their children’s needs, but also many wants. And, they do all of this even though their children sometimes misbehave and are ungrateful.

Children are not shy about asking their parents for the things they want. They ask, we say no. They do not let the initial “no” deter them, so they keep on asking. Over and over and over until they wear us out. So we give in and give them what they want. This is because we love our children, and we want to see them happy.

Jesus said the below in which He encourages us to keep asking. Unlike us earthly parents, who want our children to stop asking when we say no, God is encourages us to keep asking.

The Great Commission for this Generation

Ken and I met a very excited group of young adults in June of this year. One of the leaders of the group, asked us to consider leading a prayer tent at the Together 2018 event, which would be held at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth on October 20th and 21st. We began to pray, seeking God’s direction. In that same week, another person reached out to us again about it. After praying about it, the Great Commission came to our mind, because the Together event will equip, train and encourage young leaders to boldly share the Gospel. What did Jesus say

Life in the Last Days

Most scholars believe that we are in the last days. The Bible says a lot of things about these times, which is when Christ’s return is near. He will take believers up to be with Him, and will setup His church on Earth. In 2 Timothy, Paul tells us what it will be like in the last days, including how people will be lovers of self.

5 Reason People Leave the Church

Our Young Adults of Worth Ministries was founded to address the issue of young adults leaving their faith shortly after graduating High School.  So the topic of why people leave the church, is near and dear to us. Andy Stanley recently wrote an interesting article, giving some reasons why people leave the church.

Why should people Fast?

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on Fasting, and what the Bible says about it.  It is very interesting, since I don’t believe I have ever hear a pastor preach on the topic.

The last time, I explained what Fasting was, if we were required to do it, and how long we should do it.  If you want to read that, click here.

So why do people fast?  The motive should always be to get you closer to God, and should be combined with prayer and reading scripture.

Here are the Biblical reasons to Fast:

What’s the Bible have to say about Fasting?

Fasting isn’t something that just Christians do.  Other religions do it as well, like with Muslims during the month of Ramadan. For people of other faiths, or no-faith, fasting can be seen as a strange thing to do. Since I’ve been fasting recently, it has prompted me to research what the Bible has to say about fasting. I think it is important for us to understand, whether we choose to fast or not, so we can explain it to our children. This is part 1, where I will explain what is fasting, are we required to fast, and how long should we fast.  Part 2 will be next week where I dive into the reasons why people fast. Did you know that everyone fasts once per day? It is true.

Learning to Obey and Grow In Christ

Any type of change can drag up old memories. Then our memories bring up unfinished dreams. These aspirations line the walls of our minds. The added thought of what we should do as a Christian also invades our thoughts. Then once again, the Lord speaks to us. Whatever the memory, God is right there with […]

Your Child’s Love Languages

Gary Chapman has a great article on Focus on the Family’s website.  It is about the 5 love languages, and how we can identify them within our children.  It is such a great reminder that we need to find out how each of our children expresses and wants to be loved.  Every child is different, […]

Needed Interruptions

I recently made an unplanned two week trip to visit a sick family member. What began as a very unusual circumstance, finished well. Sickness can either divide or bring family members together. It was amazing to watch what God accomplished. My family is huge, and that means different opinions are voiced and not everyone agrees. That is okay, because we love each other. At the end of the two weeks, I had a deeper realization of what God is doing. This was a very needed interruption! Imagine a landscape picture with a stream, which

The Atheist Delusion Video

Millions of people consider themselves to be an Atheist. When you ask them if there is a God, Heaven or Hell, they immediately say no. They think that is the intelligent and scientific answer. God says that He has made Himself known to all of us, in His creation which is all around us. For […]