Why Young Adults Leave the Church

If you followed YAOW for any length of time, you know we are passionate about keeping more young adults in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We feel the parent’s role is critical in raising their child the way God directs; from little child to adulthood. This reduces the chance that their child will walk away […]

After Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day is always thought of as a day of Love! When reading history, the beginning of this day started in human love for someone of the opposite sex. Although love was introduced earlier by God with His creation of humans. The special bond between God and man is often forgotten. Without God’s great love […]

The ELF Project for 2020

SURPRISE! Christmas is my very favorite day of the year; however, the calendar crawled quickly past that day, and now we are in the New Year of 2020. Now Valentine’s Day is arriving next week. Does time seem to become faster?  If that is so, as parents, we should share valuable lessons with our children […]

What has God done lately?

If you are like me, you live your life day by day, just trying to get through. You have an image of the perfect person you would like to be, and your checklist of things you would like to accomplish; however, every day brings unforeseen things that distract us. I often find myself in bed […]

Israel Unveiled Videos

As Christmas nears, we should focus our attention on the real reason we celebrate, Jesus Christ. I’d like to let you know about a series of short videos by Behold Israel which shows you places in Israel where Jesus walked, and explains the related Biblical stories. These videos are great to watch with your children […]

How to Love your Children – Part 2

Last week we looked at the first part of 1 Corinthians 13, through the lens of a parent. This is the passage most read at weddings, but God meant this to be a model for how we all are to love others. This includes the love of a parent to a child. Now lets look […]

How to Love your Children – Part 1

What is the Bible passage that is read at almost every wedding? 1 Corinthians 13, of course. However when God directed the Apostle Paul to write this, He wasn’t only talking about the Love of a husband and wife. In fact the words husband, wife, spouse, marriage and wedding are not even in that passage. So if wasn’t just for spouses, who else was it written for? The answer is

The Lack of Discipline

God had instituted judges for Israel to provide guidance to the people, before there were any kings. The last two judges were Eli and Samuel, who lived their entire lives dedicated to the service of the Lord.  Interestingly enough, they both had wayward sons who needed the discipline of their father. Eli’s two sons were […]

Introduction to raisedUP

Our Parenting Towards the 30% has been re-branded to raisedUP.

Everything is still the same, just a new name. We felt that raisedUP more accurately reflected the parenting side of our ministry, where we are assisting parents on how to raise their children as God directs us in His word.

As a subscriber, you will continue to enjoy Biblical parenting advice sent to your email. This advice is directly from God’s word where He tells us how we should raise our children and grand-children.

Our prayer is that you continue to enjoy our parenting blogs, and that they equip and encourage you to “raise your children in the way they should go” as Proverbs 22:6 says.

Some will go to Hell

It seems more and more people believe that everyone will go to Heaven, whether they are a Christian or not; whether they have trusted in Jesus for their salvation or not. They either don’t believe that Hell is real, or they believe that only Satan and the demons will be sent to Hell. When asked why they believe this, their response almost always is that God loves us all, and therefore He would not condemn anyone to Hell. Whenever you put so much emphasis on one characteristic of God, and lessen or ignore the others, you don’t have a correct understanding of God. God is loving, but