Christmas – What’s on the agenda?

Well, I need to look at my schedule for Christmas… This month has walked right by me. Wonder where all of those days for shopping went to and how many great sales I missed. I could have saved some money. Ken would have been so pleased with me. Sunday: Dec. 17th: 1 week until Christmas.  […]

Thankful For Differences

Each year as Thanksgiving approaches, reasons for the special day fill my mind with thoughts of gratitude. Those same feelings led the first American settlers to thank God for their new land, food and friends. They celebrated together with a feast. This dinner came to be known as the first Thanksgiving meal. Moving to another country had presented many obstacles to overcome, but that did not stop them! Their new home provided new challenges, but their faith in God gave them a way to succeed. Thinking of them is a clear reminder for me to be thankful.

Should we celebrate Halloween?

As I have shared before, growing up in a small country setting had an abundance of influences along with superstitions. With that statement, a very authentic reality needs to be highlighted. That does not mean, all thoughts related to truth correctly! Each of us still needed to make informed decisions ourselves. One cold October 31st, […]

Saying Goodbye

How do we say goodbye to a beloved family member, friend, mentor or pet?  Their time on this earth might have been shortened by a sickness, or a surprise accident, or a natural disaster.  Whatever the cause, they are with us any longer.  How do we handle emotions of grief?  Are our children able to express and release their grief in an appropriate manor?

Rest in Difficult Times

This will not contain many statements of what is wrong in this world, but of what is right!  God so loved the world that He gave His one and Only Son…. John 3:16 God gave His One and Only Son For Us!  Wow!  Each day I live with what He has done for me personally, and my short fall of His extended Grace.  That blows my mind every time I think about it. Growing up we always went to church.  I wondered if everyone truly lived for the Lord.  The many Sunday school lessons had me looking at others to see if they were good enough for Jesus.  Of course, I did not

Married or Single?

Since the beginning of time, God created Eve for Adam as a helper that would dispel his solitary world. We might live in a different time, but marriage still brings two lone individuals together.  Obvious changes are made for each person. That does not mean the identity of each person is lost. However, a couple […]

A Trip to Remember

MANY years ago, my family went on a long awaited and cherished vacation.  Our destination was to visit relatives and other historical sites, around eight hours away.  Travelling by our old Chevy Impala was our mode of transportation.  On the day before our vacation, my parents were involved in the prized church picnic.  My siblings and […]

True or Fake News

Today, many unsettling flashes of information meander across our paths through diverse avenues of media.  As parents, how do we react to good or bad news? Listening and watching the news, distinctly declares the aspirations of individuals asserting their rights. Many are stories with hidden agendas, crafted to try to make us feel or act a certain way. Many emotions drift around, as we try to determine what does this all mean and what is the truth.

Adventure in Resting

What is resting?  Resting means to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or replace strength.  Those descriptive words change a stereotype of resting from being a couch potato in front of the television, to replacing strength to work.  That might be two different ways of relaxing, but not everyone recharges in those ways!  How about you?  What replenishes your energy?

On one of my rushed excursions to knock out a list of errands, a light bulb moment happened in the middle of driving!  Being a passenger

True Friend?

In 8th grade, an important acting role came across my path. Of course, it was not like I was up for an Emmy or something, but new best buddies seemed to crawl out of the woodwork. My status as a great person had not been noticed before. There was one particular girl that seemed very excited for me and was constantly around. However, that friendship dissolved when the play was over. That new found relationship moved onto the leading roles of the next play, leaving me behind…. Upon reflection much later, that was a huge lesson to learn.