Learning to Obey and Grow In Christ

Any type of change can drag up old memories. Then our memories bring up unfinished dreams. These aspirations line the walls of our minds. The added thought of what we should do as a Christian also invades our thoughts. Then once again, the Lord speaks to us. Whatever the memory, God is right there with […]

Needed Interruptions

I recently made an unplanned two week trip to visit a sick family member. What began as a very unusual circumstance, finished well. Sickness can either divide or bring family members together. It was amazing to watch what God accomplished. My family is huge, and that means different opinions are voiced and not everyone agrees. That is okay, because we love each other. At the end of the two weeks, I had a deeper realization of what God is doing. This was a very needed interruption! Imagine a landscape picture with a stream, which

A New Found Freedom

On July 4th, 1776, America was born. That day will always be remembered as the beginning of a new country. Many individuals had to unselfishly give their lives during the Revolutionary War for many reasons. On America’s side, was the desire for religious freedom and an end to persecution. The other side, Britain, just wanted […]

Learning to Listen

At a very young age, my mother began a very successful disciplinary tactic on me. My propensity to share half-truths bothered her.  She started unleashing her tool on me, John 8:32, “and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.   I memorized that scripture quickly, without even trying. Lying did eventually […]

Fish Out of Water

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water; not knowing where you belong? That was me fifteen years ago as we watched the moving company loaded our belongings in a large truck to take them from Pennsylvania to Texas. My normal jovial demeanor existed with an air of detachment and a strange calm […]

Creating a Safe Place

Growing up in a family that went to church every Sunday, was a blessing, but I wasn’t there for the right reason. I loved going to show off my clothes which my mother made, and not to learn more about Jesus. As a teen, my parents were making me go to church. In any case, there was nowhere else to go on a Sunday morning. It was not like my calendar was busting at the seams with other options. My eyes were opened to what this world had to offer, and God seemed very distant. He had not moved, but I had. Why was I at church? Each Sunday had become an unwanted chore, but I did not want to be a disobedient daughter. I also didn’t feel comfortable talking to others about this.

Easter: The Ultimate Plan & Promise

Easter is finally upon us! Let’s take a journey back to consider another time; incredible events that were all a part of God’s redemptive plan. Since the beginning of creation and the fall of man, God has had a plan to bring His people back to Him. His plan involved a covenant with Abram, to become a father of many nations. This promise was to give future descendants a hope, a land and a connection back to Him. This covenant promise was critically important, because Abram and his wife, Sarai, were childless. God’s redemption plan did not stop there. This promise was passed down through the years from Abram. Here is an overview of God’s awesome promise and plan.

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey. While the people waved palm branches and began to shout Hosanna to the King, a cry for salvation from the oppression of Rome. Jesus calmly accepted the adoration of the people. This event began the most significant eight days in history. Let us look at this day, on Sunday 29 March 33 AD. Now, suddenly being called King did not seem to agitate Jesus. He was a man on a mission. The below verses describe what happened…

The Big Game

After the first Super Bowl in 1967, it became very important to Americans. This football game originated from the National Football League to determine the best team for that year. They pull their teams from two different conferences, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Each conference consists of 16 teams from the North, South, East and West areas of the United States. These teams then play others from their division. After an entire season of football games, the best team from the AFC, and the best team from the NFC challenge each other to be the Super Bowl Champs. Not everyone’s team goes to the Super Bowl, but

Sowing Seeds of Kindness

I just came back from a mission trip to witness to the lost in another country.  Handing out candy seemed to be a very minute act of kindness, that anyone can do.  At least that is what I thought.  Then I saw how the children responded, and how it allowed for conversations with their parents. Was this what a missionary really does to build relationships? Could I have done more?  After all