People of Worth

Even though all of us sin and fall short of God’s standard, God loves us and places a great value on us. In His eyes, we are all people of worth. The Bible illustrates this many times. One example would be the story of Peter. Read the story below from John 13 to 21, and […]

Naomi, a Godly Mother

History certainly offers many avenues to follow when a pandemic seems to take over the entire globe. COVID-19 started December of 2019 in China and is still spreading across the world. Today, we still live in fear and anxiety in isolation away from others. I pray that we will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day […]

After Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day is always thought of as a day of Love! When reading history, the beginning of this day started in human love for someone of the opposite sex. Although love was introduced earlier by God with His creation of humans. The special bond between God and man is often forgotten. Without God’s great love […]

The ELF Project for 2020

SURPRISE! Christmas is my very favorite day of the year; however, the calendar crawled quickly past that day, and now we are in the New Year of 2020. Now Valentine’s Day is arriving next week. Does time seem to become faster?  If that is so, as parents, we should share valuable lessons with our children […]

False Claim vs True Claim

Recently, I purchased an item hoping to foster eyelash growth and eliminate mascara. With anticipation, I began applying my new purchase! After about a month of use, my excitement had waned. There was no visible eyelash growth. My eye lashes had started falling out. I obviously wanted more eyelashes, which did not appear. The expensive endeavor never produced the desired result of longer, fuller eyelashes which was supposed to start happening with the first application of the product. Each of us has been blinded by something. Is it an unfulfilled expectancy, or a “needed” buy?

Resolutions for Real Life

Hello, my name is Karen Leaman. I’ve been married to Ken Leaman for 26 years, and we have a 25-year-old son named Zack. The Lord introduced me to my husband in the weirdest way; a drinking and dancing establishment called “The Pink Panther”.  My best friend and I went with a young adult group called Jaycees. I had never been dancing before, outside of my home basement, and my choice of drink would have been water, milk or root beer. We were walking to the bathroom and

Filling the Holes

The winter season has always ignited a special feeling of anticipation inside me. I do not remember a time without that excitement! Ironically, it has never been about the gifts on Christmas day for me, but the gift of Jesus Christ’s birth for everyone!


Before our trip to the Grand Canyon for our anniversary, Ken and I had booked a morning helicopter ride. When we arrived, signed in and sat through a video of safety flying procedures, our group was ready to board the helicopter. After waiting a small amount of time, we were called to stand in line and a # 1 card was handed to me. What was this for? To be truthful, I was more concerned with meeting the other passengers. Then they walked us outside to the runway to board the helicopter. After everyone boarded, only one seat remained, up front right next to the pilot. To my surprise

Stubborn as a Mule

Celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary in the Grand Canyon brought some old memories to mind. In 2003, Ken and I went along on a youth mission trip to New Mexico and ended up driving to the Grand Canyon one day. Upon arriving, we decided to walk down some of the Bright Angel Trail.  During our little hike, a bunch of rocks were in the way of our youth, who removed the pieces by throwing them over the edge. Ken quickly picked up the remaining rocks out of their hands. It was at that exact moment that a Park Ranger appeared around the bend! She shouted, “Rocks are not supposed to be thrown off the edge! They could hit someone in the head, because hikers are coming up from below.”  Ken immediately dropped the rocks!  She asked our group to move out of the way as her entire ensemble on mules, continued walking out of the Canyon using the trail. Her complete devotion to her job impressed us and silenced our entire group. Without saying anything to each other, at that moment, Ken and I decided to come back one day and ride the mules to the bottom of the Canyon. We finally got an opportunity to go again this year.

The Great Commission for this Generation

Ken and I met a very excited group of young adults in June of this year. One of the leaders of the group, asked us to consider leading a prayer tent at the Together 2018 event, which would be held at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth on October 20th and 21st. We began to pray, seeking God’s direction. In that same week, another person reached out to us again about it. After praying about it, the Great Commission came to our mind, because the Together event will equip, train and encourage young leaders to boldly share the Gospel. What did Jesus say