The Roots of Anger

You might know that anger is a biochemical response to a perceived threat. When you are faced with a potentially threatening situation, your brain and autonomic nervous system immediately require an increase in adrenalin.  This produces a cardiovascular surge preparing you for a “fight or flight” response. You can feel various sensations in your body […]

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but what makes you thankful? Let us look at the history of this special day. In September of 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying 102 passengers, so that they could freely practice their faith, or the promise of land ownership and prosperity in the New […]

Dirty Little Half-Truths

Half-truth: A statement that conveys only part of the truth, especially one used deliberately in order to deceive someone. A statement that mingles truth and falsehood with deliberate intent to deceive. A statement that is only partly true and that is intended to deceive people. So a half-truth uses what is technically true, but with […]

Parenting Resources

Instead of my normal parenting blog, I thought it would be good to highlight some great resources for parents and churches.  They are the below.  I hope you find them enjoyable and valuable. Axis Their mission is to empower the next generation to think clearly and critically about what they believe and to take […]

Inappropriate Behavior Results in Undesirable Consequences

In previous blogs, we have discussed adjusting parental attitudes and applying appropriate approaches when relating to inflexible-explosive children.  Remember to stay calm.  Note that the initial goal is to help the child regulate emotions to prevent a meltdown.  Be aware of antecedent events and pay attention to the situational factors that trigger “vapor lock”.  Make […]

I’m Not Ashamed

My wife and I recently saw the movie I’m Not Ashamed, which is the story of Rachael Joy Scott, a student who made a huge impact for Christ, and was murdered during the Columbine High School shootings. The Columbine massacre was a school shooting that occurred on April 20, 1999, at the Columbine High School in Columbine, […]

Jumping Walls

Did you ever wonder why God allows hurdles in our lives?  They could be anything.  Here is the huge dilemma; a hurdle to one person could be an actual praise to another.  That just boggles my mind!  So glad God loves us and knows our needs.  There are times when we do not know how […]

Decisions, Decisions

I have this fear.  Fear of making the wrong decision, miss stepping, and setting my life on a trajectory I never intended.  A fear that one way or another, I am going to miss the turn I was supposed to make that puts me on the glory road of God’s will. It can play out […]

Lead and Not Follow

It is unfortunate that most young adults want to “fit in” and are afraid to be different.  Yes, they say that they want to be different, but for the most part they do the same things that others their age do. One might say that they got a tattoo or a body piercing because they wanted […]

The Inflexible Child’s “Vapor Lock”

In the last blog, we ended with two important guidelines for adults relating to inflexible-explosive children. The adult needs to maintain a calm voice while repeating instructions and be willing to negotiate with the child. Failure to do these two actions will most likely cause mutual escalation resulting in painful meltdowns. When an adult makes […]