Our Divine Blood Clot

At the 20 week anatomy scan of our third child, the sonographer saw a blood clot. Not a huge issue, but it could become bigger, which could be harmful for baby or harmful for me. So we prayed. We prayed for God to heal; for him to resolve whatever issue caused the blood clot and to […]

Expose Our Children to Evil

Our children need to see the effects of sin and evil, and what happens when it consumes a person’s heart. As we come closer to the Presidential election, there is much discussion about our national security and protecting ourselves from terrorists.  That makes me think back on our trip to New York city, about a year […]

Check Your Perspective

Parents have the responsibility and privilege of teaching children how to make wise choices and express feelings constructively. For compliant children, this process may be relatively easy and rewarding.  However, for the inflexible and oppositional child, it is very challenging and often frustrating.  Unfortunately, these children get labeled as “bad,” and parents may feel like […]

All Lives Matter

Teach Your Children That All Lives Matter This wasn’t what I had planned to blog about this week, but it seemed appropriate with the assassinations of Dallas policemen. If you have paid any attention to the media or been on social media the past two days, you know about the shootings of Dallas police officers.  For those […]

What Was the Cost of Our Freedom?

In 1776 on July 2nd, the Continental Congress of the 13 colonies voted in favor of independence from Great Britain.  There was almost a unanimous vote. Two days later, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by its delegates.  This historic document reminds us of why we celebrate July 4th today.  This patriotic day became more […]

Expose Your Failures

As Christians, we tend to have the mistaken belief that we have to appear perfect to our children, and act like we have it all together.  We also act like we did no wrong when we were their age. Growing up, I didn’t know much about my parent’s past mistakes.  I guess I didn’t think about it much, and […]

Graduation, Is Our Parenting Over?

Today graduation is a sign of achievement and change, but it doesn’t always mean that the learning is over. On the outside, we see bright shiny faces of a student body with caps and gowns.  The inside is completely different.  Decisions for the future bring joyous and anxious thoughts.  Whether fear or excitement, things are […]

Not Your Buddy

It seems more and more that fathers are overly concerned about befriending their sons, rather than being the father God desires them to be. It is good to have fun with your children, and to play with them.  Spending time together reaffirms to your children that you care for them, and that you love them.  Someone wise […]

What is Love?

In a 1970 romantic drama called Love Story, Jenny made a statement to Oliver, “Love is never having to say you are sorry.” How ironic?  Love, or at least a like for another, always grows when an apology is given from one person to another. What does “never having to say you are sorry” mean?  Is anything of […]

Is Spanking OK?

WARNING:  To some, this material may be considered politically incorrect, intolerant, bad parenting or down right child abuse. Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. Spanking is a type of corporal punishment involving the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause physical pain, generally with an open […]