What is raisedUP?

raised Up logoStudies have shown that 70% of Christian raised young adults walk away from their faith shortly after graduating from high school. That means that only 30% continue their walk with Christ as young adults.

We are informing people about this problem, and challenging parents of preschool, elementary, junior high and high school students to intentionally prepare their children for the ultimate day when they graduate from high school—a time when they will be on their own, and will be responsible for their own decisions.  Will they be among the 70% that walk away from God, or the 30% that stay in a relationship with Jesus Christ?  What are you as parents doing right now to prepare them for that ultimate day?

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it." What does it mean to "Train up a child in the way he should go?" As a parent, what steps can you take now, when your child is young, to prepare them?

Young Adults of Worth Ministries is bringing awareness to the issue, and we are challenging parents to intentionally train their children starting at a young age, in "the way they should go." We are calling them to parent in a Biblical way, not just on Sunday mornings, but all of the time.

We hope to help you in this journey, by providing Biblical guidance on what you can do to increase the chances of your child ending up in the 30%. No one can give you a magic formula or a guarantee; however, God gives us lots of parenting principles in His word.  He does let us know what it means to "Train up a child in the way he should go."

raisedUP Articles

Below are recent articles from our blog to help you parent your child toward being part of the 30% that continue to walk with Christ as young adults.

Teaching Your Children

God’s desire is clear.  He wants parents to instruct their children using His word.  This is not a job for the church Sunday school teachers along, but rather our job as parents.  We are with our children more than anyone, so we have more opportunities to ‘train them in the way they should go.’

God & Evil

There is a prevalent argument from the atheistic community that is being used to indoctrinate our children, into either not believing in God, or thinking He isn’t powerful and good. It is not a new argument, just one that continues to be touted, even though Christians have provided reasonable explanations for the existence of evil. Just this past week, I’ve been going back and forth with two young adults about this on social media. The argument goes something like this. “If there is a god, and he is good, then why does he allow evil in the world?

Parenting with Salvation in Mind

What is the greatest thing the Lord wants for your kids? To be a good person? Be a part of a great family? Have good health? Have wealth? To serve God? To love others? While all of these things are good, none are the greatest thing the Lord wants for your kids.  The greatest thing […]

Will your children walk away?

Research has shown that 70% of Christian raised young adults leave their faith after high school.  Some make a conscious decision to walk away, and others subconsciously as they make one bad decision after another.  What can we do as parents to increase the chance of our children ended up in the 30% who stay? To know that, we have to dive into the reasons why people walk away from their faith.

A New Found Freedom

On July 4th, 1776, America was born. That day will always be remembered as the beginning of a new country. Many individuals had to unselfishly give their lives during the Revolutionary War for many reasons. On America’s side, was the desire for religious freedom and an end to persecution. The other side, Britain, just wanted […]

Learning to Listen

At a very young age, my mother began a very successful disciplinary tactic on me. My propensity to share half-truths bothered her.  She started unleashing her tool on me, John 8:32, “and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.   I memorized that scripture quickly, without even trying. Lying did eventually […]

Proof Jesus is the Messiah

There are many people trying to convince the world that Christ was not who He claimed He was, and therefore He is not the Messiah.  They argue from many different angles, trying to keep people from believing, or trying to shake those that profess to believe.  Why?  Because if Christ didn’t rise from the dead, than Christianity is meaningless.

Our children’s faith is being attacked at school, by teachers and other students all of the time.  They need to know the Biblical truth of who Jesus Christ was, and the rational, logical reasons why we believe it to be true.  We believe it, not just because the Bible said so, and not just because our parents told us it was true.  We believe because

Fish Out of Water

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water; not knowing where you belong? That was me fifteen years ago as we watched the moving company loaded our belongings in a large truck to take them from Pennsylvania to Texas. My normal jovial demeanor existed with an air of detachment and a strange calm […]

How Does God Work?

God works in ways that are very different than we do, or what we would expect Him to.  If we are not careful, it can make us frustrated and angry with God.  It can even make us question if He is really there, or does He really care about us.  I think the devil uses […]

Jesus Didn’t Deceive His Followers

Jesus never said following him would be like being on vacation at the beach. Christ Revealed is a new video documentary series from the same producers as the movie Soul Surfer. The men behind the movie are Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Jeff Hays. In it Dr. Gentempo interviews 25 world renowned experts who share astonishing and interesting facts about Christ from a Biblical, historical, archaeological and prophetic perspective. YAOW highly recommends this great learning resource for Christians to validate, confirm, articulate and defend their faith. In one of the episodes, Dr. Gentempo interviews Amir Tsarfati from Behold Isreal. I won’t dive into the whole interview, but just a small part that resonated with me.