What is raisedUP?

raised Up logoStudies have shown that 70% of Christian raised young adults walk away from their faith shortly after graduating from high school. That means that only 30% continue their walk with Christ as young adults.

We are informing people about this problem, and challenging parents of preschool, elementary, junior high and high school students to intentionally prepare their children for the ultimate day when they graduate from high school—a time when they will be on their own, and will be responsible for their own decisions.  Will they be among the 70% that walk away from God, or the 30% that stay in a relationship with Jesus Christ?  What are you as parents doing right now to prepare them for that ultimate day?

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it." What does it mean to "Train up a child in the way he should go?" As a parent, what steps can you take now, when your child is young, to prepare them?

Young Adults of Worth Ministries is bringing awareness to the issue, and we are challenging parents to intentionally train their children starting at a young age, in "the way they should go." We are calling them to parent in a Biblical way, not just on Sunday mornings, but all of the time.

We hope to help you in this journey, by providing Biblical guidance on what you can do to increase the chances of your child ending up in the 30%. No one can give you a magic formula or a guarantee; however, God gives us lots of parenting principles in His word.  He does let us know what it means to "Train up a child in the way he should go."

raisedUP Articles

Below are recent articles from our blog to help you parent your child toward being part of the 30% that continue to walk with Christ as young adults.

The Lack of Discipline

God had instituted judges for Israel to provide guidance to the people, before there were any kings. The last two judges were Eli and Samuel, who lived their entire lives dedicated to the service of the Lord.  Interestingly enough, they both had wayward sons who needed the discipline of their father. Eli’s two sons were […]

Introduction to raisedUP

Our Parenting Towards the 30% has been re-branded to raisedUP.

Everything is still the same, just a new name. We felt that raisedUP more accurately reflected the parenting side of our ministry, where we are assisting parents on how to raise their children as God directs us in His word.

As a subscriber, you will continue to enjoy Biblical parenting advice sent to your email. This advice is directly from God’s word where He tells us how we should raise our children and grand-children.

Our prayer is that you continue to enjoy our parenting blogs, and that they equip and encourage you to “raise your children in the way they should go” as Proverbs 22:6 says.

Some will go to Hell

It seems more and more people believe that everyone will go to Heaven, whether they are a Christian or not; whether they have trusted in Jesus for their salvation or not. They either don’t believe that Hell is real, or they believe that only Satan and the demons will be sent to Hell. When asked why they believe this, their response almost always is that God loves us all, and therefore He would not condemn anyone to Hell. Whenever you put so much emphasis on one characteristic of God, and lessen or ignore the others, you don’t have a correct understanding of God. God is loving, but

What Is The Church’s Role Regarding Abortion?

The Human Coalition is a champion of life, committed to an audacious mission: to transform our culture of death into a culture of life—to end abortion in America. They recently created a video that I thought you should see. It highlights Christ Chapel Bible Church and how they are addressing the topic of abortion. In […]

Tween and Teen Development

Focus on the Family posted an article by Dr. Meg Meeker. It explains what tween and teens, both boys and girls, go through. There is great advice for parents. Check it out by clicking here.

Biblical Parenting Tips Book

Young Adults of Worth’s parenting tips book called raised UP is now available. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a manual to guide parents and grandparents through the difficult challenges of raising a child? There is, and the Bible is that manual. We have creatively extracted these principles into Biblical Parenting Tips that you […]

Wonderfully Made

In today’s culture, the traditional family is being attacked. It has become harder and harder for parents to know how to raise their children. Parent Compass has created videos showing real families, going through real struggles. Below is from Parent Compass’ website. The family today is being tossed like the sea.  The more involved we […]

Pilgrim’s Progress Movie

The Pilgrim’s Progress is in Theaters TOMORROW! Over this Easter weekend while spending time with family, don’t miss this chance to take your children and grandchildren to see this! PURCHASE TICKETS NOW One of the greatest stories ever written will come to the big screen for two days only, and the last day is tomorrow! John […]

Did Jesus tell us to Hate?

Did Jesus really tell us to hate our parents, spouse, children, siblings and even our own life? If you read Luke 14 you will see where Jesus says this. That is very strange. It doesn’t seem to align with Jesus’ message of love, forgiveness and mercy. It’s hard to believe that Jesus would direct his followers to hate anyone. Let’s look at Luke 14:26 in the King James version to see what Jesus really said.