The Best Product Always Delivers

Let’s look at the products people are selling. For all of the products, there is always advertised a need that the product can fill. What is our need? What isn’t our need? Jesus satisfies many needs: loneliness, purpose, identity, joy, etc. However, when we feel those needs creep in, we are quick to run to easier, cheaper, faster substitutes. Instead of running to the cheaper options when the hunger hits, run to Him.

When your child is in the 70%

Parenting toward the 30%, this is one of our largest aims as Christian parents.  That our children would have a faith of their own, a faith that would last, long after leaving the nest.  So we strive and we pray and try our best, but what happens when this is not the case.  When our […]


You know that ‘miracle’ story? The one where they prayed for belief and their friend came to believe. The one where they asked for healing and the illness was gone. The one where they prayed for a child and a womb was filled. These are the stories we tend to hear, the stories we tend […]

God’s Love Language

You know the love languages book? The one with 5 love languages that teaches you how to express your love better by Gary Chapman? Great book, I read the original and really enjoyed it. They also have one adjusted for parents as well as one for employers, and a slew of others. Well the premise of the whole idea is that there are 5 love languages through which we all interpret love and express love: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. So how does God most readily receive our love? Or put another way, how can we best show love to God?  In the context of the 5 love languages, would it be….

The Light You Do Not Have

I went to Target wanting to be a light for others and ended up with a smashed pickle jar, a crying toddler, a crying baby, a pouty soon to be kindergartener and a wave of embarrassment and mortification for me. The preschooler seemed to be the only person unscathed, but to her advantage, she was […]

Mother & Daughter walking on railroad tracks

Take Your Kids with You

As my family begins a new chapter, one lead by Jesus, but one that is uncomfortable, unconventional, and full of unknowns, I drew so much encouragement and comfort from this mama’s blog.


Who’s Your Hero?

Abraham, venturing into the unknown Moses, leading a stiff-necked people Ruth, forging her way through poverty David, facing Goliath Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, enduring the fiery furnace Daniel, thrown in to a den of lions These are the stories our children hear, the “heroes of faith”.  But they are not the hero. Harold and the […]

The Burden of a Forgetful New Year

January is almost through. How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions?  Passing with flying colors?  Failing miserably?  Or somewhere in between perhaps? Me, I rarely ever make resolutions for myself. It’s just too much for me.  You see, I tend to be a do-er.  And a do-er with an unrelenting compulsion to complete […]

‘Tis the Season to Fall in Love

‘Tis the season.  The season to ‘put Christ back in Christmas’ or ‘make your holly Christmas holy’ or some other cliché, play on words phrase that entices you to make the holiday more ‘Christian’. We hear about how to incorporate our children in: acting out the nativity story, implementing a Jesse tree, playing hide and […]

Dirty Little Half-Truths

Half-truth: A statement that conveys only part of the truth, especially one used deliberately in order to deceive someone. A statement that mingles truth and falsehood with deliberate intent to deceive. A statement that is only partly true and that is intended to deceive people. So a half-truth uses what is technically true, but with […]