YAOW Update

We have been busy. YAOW has participated in 3 events in September! Here they are:

The Word FM 100.7 FM Pastor’s Appreciation Gala

YAOW once again was a sponsor for the Pastor’s Appreciation Gala. The Word 100.7 FM hosted the event to acknowledge and recognize all of the pastors in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. They and their spouse were invited to a free dinner and to hear a great speaker. This year’s event had Pastor Allen Jackson as the speaker.

YAOW had a sponsor table and were able to meet lots of pastors in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. One of those connections brought an immediate opportunity to teach high school students. See the below.

Church of South India (CSI) of Dallas

We met a CSI Pastor at the Pastor’s Appreciation event. He told us that CSI was having a weekend conference in Palestine Texas and they needed someone to teach the High School students. We agreed to help. We traveled there Friday night September 23rd, and taught Saturday September 24th. We had 2 sessions in the morning, 1 session in the afternoon, and 1 session in the evening.

We shared some videos and content from Frank Turek’s book “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist“. Frank Turek is an apologist who frequently speaks on college campuses, and runs a ministry called Cross Examined. We gave everyone who attended a copy of his book, so that they can dive deeper and study on their own. The book answers the below questions, which if answered in the affirmative, proves the Bible is true:

  • Does truth exist?
  • Does God Exist?
  • Are Miracles Possible?
  • Is the New Testament True?

We also shared a video from J. Warrener Wallace called “Was Jesus a Copy-Cat Savior“. J. Warner Wallace was a cold case homicide detective who was an atheist, and used his detective skills to analyze the Bible and Jesus. The result was, he became a Christian. J. Warner Wallace runs a ministry called Cold-Case Christianity. It is very fascinating how he uses his detective techniques to analyze scripture, to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it is true.

DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast

Our founders, Ken and Karen Leaman, once again volunteered to help the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. It was on September 30th at the Irving Convention Center in Irving Texas. There were approximately 600 attendees with many being Christian, but also some unbelievers.

The speaker was Dr. Mark Stone who is Texas A&M University System’s CIO. He presented the central question of the book of Daniel, which is “How can believers sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” In other words, how can we be joyful and faithful in the midst of trials. Dr. Stone said:

  1. We must grasp and embrace that God is in control.
  2. We must be aware of and resist assimilation.
  3. We must strive for excellence.
  4. We must be aspirational.

Ken Leaman was allowed to give the closing comments. He encouraged believers to live out their faith boldly in all areas of their life, especially in the workplace. And since the gospel was shared, Ken encouraged those who did not know Jesus Christ to seek Him.

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Ken Leaman

Ken Leaman has a passion for students, and for over 30 years has been volunteering within churches and other ministries, leading and mentoring students. These churches are:

Ken works for Amazon Web Services as a Support Operations Manager. Ken has also served on the boards of other non-profits like the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast, and the DFW Help Desk Institute.

Ken, and his wife Karen, have been married for 31 years, and have a 30 year old son. They live in Allen, TX, just North of Dallas.

As Ken and Karen repeatedly witnessed many Christian students who were active within the Church walk away from their faith shortly after graduating high school, they grew frustrated.  Studies show that about 70% of young adults leave their faith after graduation, which is a huge issue since they are the future of the Church.  After much prayer and searching God's direction for many years, the Leaman's felt His calling to start a ministry to address this problem.  In 2014, they gathered like minded Christian professionals to help begin Young Adults of Worth Ministries.  We believe that this ministry is from God, and it will be blessed by Him for His glory alone.