Omnipresent God

The proof of this characteristic of God is found throughout the Bible, but it seems that not many pastors preach specifically about it, and too few Christians actually think much about it. Maybe it is because our limited, finite human minds struggle to grasp the vastness and greatness of God. I too struggle and surely do not have everything figured out.

Omnipresent means present everywhere at the same time. The Bible teaches that God is everywhere at all times. That means there is no place you can go that He is not there, and there is no time you can be in where He is not there.

Omniscient God

The word omniscient comes from two Latin words “omnis” meaning “all”, and “scientia” meaning “knowledge”. The Bible clearly tells us that God knows everything, but how can that be given God has also given us free will?  Lots of people get hung up on that.  They struggle when thinking about our free will, and start […]

Three “O” Words to Describe God

A few years ago, I was speaking with a Christian friend of mine.  I told him about my three favorite “O” words to describe God.  He seemed puzzled, because he had never heard of God described with these words, nor did he fully grasp what they meant. The “O” words are… Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent.