Do You Fear God?

Why should we fear God? It seems counterintuitive that we would since God is loving, merciful, generous, forgiving and good. If God is all of those things, it would seem that we should not fear Him. So why then would scripture tell us to fear God?

God Kills, but God is Good

One of the hardest things to explain to children, is how God has killed many people in the past, and will kill many people in the future, but He is still good.  Even as adults, we can struggle with this aspect of God.  I personally find this hard to grasp sometimes, and to explain.  It is probably something we will never fully understand until we are face to face with our Lord and Savior. I personally know many who profess to be a Christian, but really struggle with this aspect of God.  They struggle so much so that they have convinced themselves that parts of the Bible cannot be true.  The below are just a few examples of things people cannot believe are true.


You know that ‘miracle’ story? The one where they prayed for belief and their friend came to believe. The one where they asked for healing and the illness was gone. The one where they prayed for a child and a womb was filled. These are the stories we tend to hear, the stories we tend […]

Omnipotent God

The word omnipotent comes from “omni” meaning “all” and “potent” meaning “power.” God is the only being who possesses omnipotence.

I almost feel like I shouldn’t have to write about this. If you have been a Christian a while and have read the Bible, you have heard and seen countless examples of God’s mighty / unlimited power. However, this is a parenting blog. So the real question isn’t whether you know God is omnipotent, but does your children know and believe?

God’s Love Language

You know the love languages book? The one with 5 love languages that teaches you how to express your love better by Gary Chapman? Great book, I read the original and really enjoyed it. They also have one adjusted for parents as well as one for employers, and a slew of others. Well the premise of the whole idea is that there are 5 love languages through which we all interpret love and express love: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. So how does God most readily receive our love? Or put another way, how can we best show love to God?  In the context of the 5 love languages, would it be….

Omnipresent God

The proof of this characteristic of God is found throughout the Bible, but it seems that not many pastors preach specifically about it, and too few Christians actually think much about it. Maybe it is because our limited, finite human minds struggle to grasp the vastness and greatness of God. I too struggle and surely do not have everything figured out.

Omnipresent means present everywhere at the same time. The Bible teaches that God is everywhere at all times. That means there is no place you can go that He is not there, and there is no time you can be in where He is not there.

Omniscient God

The word omniscient comes from two Latin words “omnis” meaning “all”, and “scientia” meaning “knowledge”. The Bible clearly tells us that God knows everything, but how can that be given God has also given us free will?  Lots of people get hung up on that.  They struggle when thinking about our free will, and start […]

Three “O” Words to Describe God

A few years ago, I was speaking with a Christian friend of mine.  I told him about my three favorite “O” words to describe God.  He seemed puzzled, because he had never heard of God described with these words, nor did he fully grasp what they meant. The “O” words are… Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent.