Coping with Stress as Modeled by Jesus (part 3)

When distressed, we naturally react in one of two divergent ways. We tend to deny our feelings, minimize or suppress affect, not allowing others to know the inner turmoil. We say, “I’m fine,” but inwardly struggle, feeling confused and frustrated. The other reaction is to vent or explode in anger. We may lash out at someone or something, angrily yelling and blaming others. We are likely to

Coping with Stress as Modeled by Jesus (Part 2)

Last month, I wrote briefly about the intense levels of stress that Jesus endured on earth.  Our focus is to recognize and apply the coping strategies that Jesus utilized.  Thus, we are observing His lifestyle and hoping to imitate His actions.  I believe that what Jesus has modeled for us provides more potent and effective stress reducing methods than modern psychology describes.  The first two strategies discussed in the last blog included

Coping With Stress as Modeled by Jesus

Parenting can be stressful. Life is stressful. Certainly there are moments of pleasure and peaceful relaxation, but the daily challenges of life can be significantly distressing. When adversity comes, our degree of happiness is determined by the attitudes we embrace. Let us ponder how Jesus modeled life, so that we can