Biblical Citizenship in Modern America

YAOW is hosting Biblical Citizenship in Modern America

The content is from Patriot Academy in association with WallBuilders.

You will hear from:

  • Rick Green, Patriot Academy and Former Texas State Senator
  • Kirk Cameron, Evangelist & Actor
  • Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
  • David & Tim Barton, Wall Builders
  • George Barna, Co-Author of U-TURN
  • Michele Bachmann, Former U.S. Congresswoman
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin, The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show
  • Pastor Rob McCoy, Godspeak Calvary Chapel
  • Carol Swain, Law Professor and Political Analyst
  • Mat Staver, Chairmen of Liberty Counsel
  • Barry Loudermilk, Congressman
  • Mark Meckler, Founder of Convention of States and CEO of Parlor
  • Ken Ivory, Former Utah State Representative
  • and more…

This is an 8-week online/Zoom class, every Tuesday night, starting on Jan 10 and ending on Feb 28.

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