Missional Living Made Fun – Works with non-Millennials too

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have spiritual gifts. Each of these gifts can be used to show Christ’s love to others and open up an opportunity to share the gospel. My spiritual gift is food. No really… I love food. Sure, call it hospitality or whatever but every day about 30 minutes prior to lunch, I get an excited feeling in my stomach because I’m going to eat soon. I also have the gift of conversation. Ok, so not quite a gift EVERYONE in my life enjoys about me but I like to talk. A couple years back, I decided to use my gifts in a missional way in church and found out that missional living was actually fun and exciting – mainly because I got to eat and talk about it. My personal rule in life is that if it’s not vital and not fun, I’m not going to do it; and church stuff falls into that category. Amazingly, not everyone thinks the same things are fun, and enough people think that different things are enjoyable, the church runs pretty smoothly if everyone does what they are gifted to do. (I think run-on sentences are fun, obviously). Here are my tips for fun missional living.

Value Systems

I’m an INTJ. For anyone who has interest in the Meyers-Briggs personality test, this means something to you.  I’m just the taddest bit obsessed with personality studies.  I love finding out what makes me and other people tick.  The thing to remember about personality tests is that they don’t determine what you do, but rather […]

The Greatest Showman

This review is rated S for spoilers. This is your final chance to look away… Ok, still with me? Good. Everyone seems to be watching this and listening to the soundtrack. My barista was flabbergasted that I hadn’t seen it. The youth choir I play for screamed excitedly when I asked them about it. Several of my friends fessed up to listening to the soundtrack nonstop. So, after the second week of it being out, I went to see it. I have a few problems with it, and

Have you tried lying?

This suggestion is not only for parents but also for preachers and teachers.  You should lie to your kids. Now that I have your attention with that click-bait title, let me clarify.

Lost in Translation

As a history minor in college, one of my favorite classes was economics.  I was hopeful that some day I’d make enough money to warrant the class’ necessity.  I am still hoping.  I remember the day when our professor told us about advertising campaigns that failed miserably when they were translated into another language. Electrolux, a Swedish company, tried to market their vacuums in America with the slogan, “Nothing