Young Adults of Worth is on Amazon Smile!

For every purchase you make on Amazon, you can have a portion of it donated to the Young Adults of Worth Ministries.

You just have to use the Amazon Smile website to make all of your purchases, and you have to designate that you want the donations to go to Young Adults of Worth Ministries.  Note that your price to buy things will be the same, but Amazon will donate part of their profits to our ministry.

To set it up, just go to  In the bottom right, type in Young Adults of Worth and click the Search button.  See the below in the Red box.


We should be the first one that comes up in the list.  Then click the Select button.


The below screen will appear.  Click the checkbox and the Start Shopping button.


Now every time you purchase something on a portion of it will be donated to the Young Adults of Worth Ministries.  Thank you in advance for supporting our ministry.